Dust Collection Systems

ACFM offers a complete line of dust collection systems for just about any industrial application. We have the experience to help you tackle airborne contaminant reduction problems! Our expertise in the industry is second to none and our desire to work with our clients speaks for itself with years of dedicated service.

Indoor air quality is critical to day to day operations. We have a line of industrial ventilation equipment from cyclone dust collectors to ducted source capture equipment. Our go is to increase the environmental health, occupational and safety of your facility while increasing plant efficiency plus maximizing safety requirements.

Fume & Smoke Ventilation

Generally speaking most weld fumes will produce toxic metals that presents a serious danger to shop workers. Extreme heat generated by welding equipment creates fumes with metal particulates smaller than a micro-meter in diameter. Inhaling and absorbing this micro particles into your body causes serious and long term health problems – especially due to their small micro dust like consistency.

Without a good defense against this potential workplace hazzard, your workers are facing a life changing issues moving forward. Call us today for a free consultation on how we can help you.

Industrial Fans & Blowers

ACFM offers a huge swath of Industrial Fans and Blowers from process fans to general ventilation. Incorporated into this blend of modern fans and blowers are utility fans, diffusive blowers, cast aluminum blowers, erosion safe fiberglass fans, tube hub fans, outspread edge blowers, rooftop ventilators, board and rib fans, and IRIS dampers. The choices don’t end there. ACFM fans are additionally accessible in strength materials and coatings, including nexus cover, tempered steel, heresite coatings and custom hues to coordinate client prerequisites.

A snappy ship program is accessible with a significant number of our standard outlines.